In a marketplace still reeling from the fallout of the subprime mortgage crisis, We gave the nation’s largest nonbank mortgage servicer, Nationstar, a complete top-to-bottom rebrand, elevating consumer engagement, and most importantly trust.


We set out to do this by humanizing Nationstar at every touch point, starting with the name.


Mr. Cooper represents the kind of people who will go the extra mile for you. Those who help others realize the dream of homeownership, while avoiding a “business as usual” attitude. By establishing a personal relationship in a very impersonal category, Mr. Cooper embodies the idea that one person can make a big difference.

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For the logotype, we wanted to clearly differentiate the brand from Nationstar. By placing the new, more human name front and center without any extraneous marks or ornamentation, it is more reflective of the way that Mr. Cooper is working to simplify the home lending process.

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We developed a distinct set of brand guidelines, including inspirational Mr. Cooper quotes used throughout to reinforce the essence of the brand and the spirit of teamwork and collaboration.


We also created a visual identity system that intentionally broke from the bland and cold conventions typical of the category. With Andrew Colin Beck, we created a library of images that help to convey complex concepts and processes simply and clearly. The illustration-based style is bold, fresh, modern and friendly. The language is conversational, avoiding the use of confusing mortgage jargon.



The company has transformed how it operates and it continues to evolve from the inside out. One of the first projects we produced for Mr. Cooper’s internal launch was an employee handbook that told the story of the brand evolution and laid out its core values. It’s not only a guide to help share the new way forward, it’s a refreshing pep talk for all 7,000+ team members and is included in every new hire kit.


On launch day, each team member arrived at their desks to find additional branded gift items. Business cards were created featuring Cooper as the last name for each team member. The new logo was featured prominently throughout the offices, as were inspirational Cooper quotes and even a celebratory birth certificate for the brand.


The home lending industry is confusing and intimidating for many—not just first-time buyers. Our goal was to make this process more accessible and approachable.We visually simplified and de-mystified the entire online experience, making it easy to navigate. And we developed and created tools to help customers. The visual identity affected every aspect from major channels like the website and advertising, down to emails and the monthly statements that homeowners receive in their mailbox.


We created an anthemic launch spot featuring Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and its message of change, symbolizing the change from Nationstar to Mr. Cooper. It premiered at the New York Stock Exchange for the official launch of the brand. We then shared across multiple channels a series of videos that welcomed customers to Mr. Cooper and explained the many benefits of being a customer, all delivered by our smart, friendly spokesperson, Ray.


Our relationship with the brand continues to evolve as we develop even more technology offerings to enhance the customer experience. With Mr. Cooper, it’s all about the journey, and we’re just getting started.




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