I spent the last eighteen months leading the brand development, product design, creative platform, launch campaign and sustaining campaigns for the most disruptive concept in entertainment tech since Netflix first changed the game.


DC Universe isn’t just a streaming platform. It’s a membership to the most powerful version of fandom that lovers of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman have ever seen.

The Ultimate DC Membership

The platform works on any device so you can take your favorite movies and shows with you wherever you go. You can also take your comics, your conversations with other fans, your deep diving into the lore of each and every character and every other possible aspect of fandom with you too.

The massive project started with the UI design of the product itself.


See the full product design.

In parallel, we set about building the new brand. Basing its purpose around the core principle of enhancing the experience of fandom for every DC fan out there.

See the full brand book.

The majority of the communication during prelaunch was used for the purpose of education. What is DC Universe? What experiences can you expect from it? And, most importantly, why would you pay a monthly fee for it?

See the full pre-launch campaign.

We followed up the online education phase with an experiential tour de force at San Diego Comic Con, working with our friends at Giant Spoon to literally bring the platform to life.

Leading up to the launch date, we stoked social buzz with a 2 hour livestream, hosted by Kevin Smith and featuring a wealth of incredible guests from Jim Lee to Teri Hatcher.

Read more about the livestream.

Our soft launch campaign showed fans and future members where they fit in to all of it. And how DC Universe really is their universe.

See the full campaign.

For New York Comic Con, we took over Hudson Yards, the metro station closest to Javits where the convention happens each year. We showed fans’ favorite heroes walking, running, flying and, er… swinging towards the convention and towards DC Universe.

And for the big finish, to kick off a full day of DC Universe at New York Comic Con, including content reveals, original show premieres and exclusive panels, we created an emotional anthem that connected the dots between nostalgia-inducing greats like Superman The Movie and future classics like DC Universe’s first foray into original content, Titans.

We continue to use our sustaining social to reflect the power that DC Universe members have at their fingertips and the control they have over what or how they wished to consume all DC content.