We recently worked with NutriBullet on the launch of the innovative NutriBullet Balance, the world’s first smart blender.   In order to distance ourselves from other home products that claim to be smart (but are actually pretty dumb) we leaned heavily on highlighting the product’s incredibly useful features in TV, packaging and the aesthetic…

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A project, currently in progress, was recently announced. We’re launching St Jane, a hotel named for Jane Addams, in Chicago. A common ground for the uncommon.   For those who long for a common ground to revel, debate, dine and commune with others who share their sense of curiosity, independence and entrepreneurial spirit. Keep an…

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Three years of my team’s work at Pheno is finally coming into fruition. Introducing: Formally Nationstar, the largest non-bank home lender in the US. Our task was to reimagine them from a customer-centric point of view, and by doing so, disrupt the entire home loan industry.      But instead of simply redesigning the Nationstar…

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