Good Habits Die Hard

More directorial work. This time for “Instagram Darlings,” quip.

Yes, that’s a lowercase q.

The “Instagram Darlings” thing was how we came to the idea for the spot, and for the company’s promise as a whole. They were famous on Insta because of their beautiful toothbrush design. But they’re waaaaay more than a toothbrush company. In fact, they’re not a toothbrush company at all. They’re a good habits company. They’re THE Good Habits Company. And they don’t care what kind of toothbrush you use. As long as you have good habits.

We also did some cool OOH work that took over Times Square for a week. Remember print? Not bad for an “Instagram Darling.”

It looks even better at night.


Jenny’s dead, baby. Jenny’s dead.

We just launched a new initiative from Civic Nation, #VoteTogether. The movement encourages citizens to throw voting parties preceding or following the act of voting. Studies have found that voting in groups can increase voter turnout by up to 6%.

Anything for democracy.

Too bad Jenny had to die.


These guys seemed to like it. Let’s hope it works.






As part of DC Universe’s presence at New York Comic Con, we took over the 33 digital screens at the nearest station to the convention, Hudson Yards. We used them to remind fans walking through the station that The Ultimate DC Membership has arrived and will be there at Comic Con.

We filled the screens with footage of DC heroes and villains walking, running, flying and er… swinging towards Comic Con. Showcasing some of the coolest shows and movies that are actually on DC Universe.


Check out the full executions below.


I recently worked with Marlon Brando.

Well, his voice.

I wrote and directed this DC Universe brand anthem, based on Brando’s monologue in Richard Donner’s first Superman movie.

In it, Jor-El (Superman’s father) guides Kal-El (Superman’s Kryptonian name) through the entire universe. I used the same speech to guide users through DC Universe in this nostalgia-inducing, highly emotional spot.

Sit back and go with him.


The anthem was played to a packed Hammerstein Ballroom to kickoff DC Universe’s New York Comic Con event. The event also featured the first two episodes of the first DC Universe Original Series, Titans, and panels and sneak previews of all their upcoming Originals content.


Now that we’ve explained what DC Universe actually is, the next phase of the campaign is to let fans and potential members know what’s in it for them.

In a series of short films we tied real fans to experiences on the platform. Starting with a full collection of DC Universe RTBs.


And continuing with RTB-specific experiences.