The Deriders

Tyler felt the sadness again, watching his parents follow another A.I.–generated recipe while the A.I. guided their conversation about what the A.I. had had them do at work all day.

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I Can Be Loved

It was the first connection Beth had made in years. She had never found anyone on the apps. She always suspected it was more to do with her than anyone else. She was a proud nerd and that put people off. There was nothing ‘cool’ about working in robotics.

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Camp Roswell

Like most things, it all started out as a rumor. Kids love tellin’ stories, y’know? No harm in it. But last year we got all these letters from all these parents, sayin’ that their kids had come home from camp ‘different.’

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#how to get ahead in ai.dvertising

“The Future is Officially Canceled. Dee had read articles like this before. He couldn’t remember if the future had ever been officially canceled, but it had been canceled.”

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Where the Blood Goes

“Did you know, there’s a town off the south coast that’s completely submerged by the ocean at night? And yet it’s the most popular town for miles around during the day. You see, the tide comes in at such a rate around dusk that it covers all of the homes and the shops in the town.”

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“Not all dairy is white.” I said. 
“Milk is.” He replied.
“Milk isn’t all dairy.” I said back.

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Out of Time

“Nobody knew why Tom was there. He hardly knew himself. He had happened upon Henry’s obituary a week earlier while visiting the Queen. It was discovered during his staff’s customary reading of articles from local papers, which they did anytime they ventured to a town or city outside London. It was another way he had tried, and of course, failed, to be a man of the people.

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The Impersonator

“Are you Rob Lowe?” Asks the valet.
“Yes. Yes I am.” Says Frank. 
It wasn’t the first time he’d been asked that question. Hell, he lives off of it.

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Julean Cerulean

“Julean!” Sang the TV at full blast. 
He’s a blue alien!”
Julean peeked out from a booth at the very back of the dark bar, his eyes glued to his own commercial.

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Red Speedo

“Tricky could spot a Speedo from a mile away. It’s all in the hunched back, set in from the countless hours spent in the driver’s seat. It’s worn proudly, like a badge of honor. The real pros are so hunched that the top of their spines actually stick out through their shirt collars.”

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