This was the first project we worked on for WB, and we were brought in not long before the film premiered. Which meant that they didn’t have a lot of marketing dollars left to bring new ideas to life. A fact we certainly took to heart.

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“War Dogs” is the true story of two guys who, through happenstance and dumb luck, somehow made $300 million as international arms dealers. We called what they did “Hustling their way to the American Dream,” and all of our work revolved around the idea that nearly everyone has a side hustle. Our goal was to bring that to life in a fun, intriguing and sharable (plus inexpensive) way. We we started with a really simple idea: Plastering “help wanted” flyers guerilla-style in major markets across the country. The reaction all over social was priceless.


The posts led to a very basic landing page created, presumably, by Jonah Hill’s character, where people could learn the ins and outs of hustling their way to the American dream.

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Posted by:Tim Bateman