We’ve just launched giffgaff, a new mobile network which will revolutionise the way people use and interact with their network providers.

The ‘people-powered’  business model is based on mutuality. On buying a sim you gain an equal share in the company and your right to have a say on all business decisions, including tariff, customer service, marketing strategy, as well as having free reign on more creative involvement. The more you put in, the more you get out, meaning the possibility of entirely free calls, texts, internet access and the potential to make a profit from your mobile.




I won the pitch back in February and have been working on and overseeing various areas of the top secret project since then, including naming, brand identity and tone, site design and build as well as all the launch comms. Plus, a lot of our thinking from the pitch around the business model is still at the heart of it.

We’re just at teaser stage right now, the real fun will start in a couple of months with the launch of the beta site and the break of the launch campaign.

This is going to be big.

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Posted by:Tim Bateman