They’re turning up all over the place.

We launched the campaign on Monday and it’s already causing quite a stir online. Featured on a number of leading sites including Mashable and The Huffington Post and clocking in almost 100,000 views on YouTube in their first day, Mason & Jason are quickly finding a wealth of fans amongst the internet community. As writes:

“It’s actually crucial elements to a campaign from Air New Zealand, where their marketing team is actually a bunch of geniuses who, unlike most brands, actually understand the internet. Adults in sheep costumes? The star of Baywatch being a weirdo? Backlit clouds and a pony? It’s like these guys found the key to the internet and unlocked our hearts and minds.

Not satisfied with just being the trending-est sheep online, Mason & Jason have also made their way offline, via Australia’s The Morning Show.

The Daily Mail also did a large article on Snuggie Love and Campaign, Best Ads and many others covered the campaign.


The Mason & Jason films have reached over a million views on YouTube and are still climbing. Skycouch sales in the US are at a record high. The twins have certainly done their job.

Posted by:Tim Bateman

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