On 30 December 2010, Skype announced a new product: Skype for iPhone with free video calling over 3G and WiFi. To celebrate the app’s launch and the massive opportunities it offers all iPhone users.

A huge achievement for Skype. Video calling has been on the agenda for a lot of companies for a long time. Apple nudged at it with FaceTime but the service isn’t available on the iPhone 3GS or over 3G.

More than just a technical achievement, free video calling from a cellphone is also a cultural watershed.

Skype is about shared experiences – people sharing the moments that matter to them, sometimes from opposite sides of the earth. By making video calling mobile, this app makes it possible to share moments you couldn’t have shared before.

On 31 December at noon GMT, the most exciting aspect of the project was rolled out: a global celebration of the New Year that rolls out time zone by time zone and features hundreds of videos of what New Year’s Eve is like around the world.


Posted by:Tim Bateman