We’re back at it with our See’sy friends. It’s our third year in a row making their holiday campaign. This year we decided to go all in on social becoming more of a sound ON environment, thanks to TikTok and Reels and the like.

Once again digging into their > 100 year storied history, with SOUND as a big cue we created a barbershop-like Candy Quartet to sing the next chapter of their Quality Without Compromise story.

But we didn’t leave out the sound OFF lovers. We made these films a visual, as well as aural, feast by paying homage to Busby Berkeley’s style of kaleidoscopic dance, keeping the tasty visual of all, the candy, front and center. Ooowee.

To extend the idea beyond the main films, we kept the same kaleidoscopic approach to visuals and voice-only approach to music, stripped back to a beautiful stop motion extravaganza.

As well as some very striking OOH.

Happy holidays!

Posted by:Tim Bateman