Following the success of the Wx Connected Basketball, we worked with our friends at Wilson to create the Wx Connected Football. The first product of its kind. A stake in the ground announcing Wilson’s domination of connected sports equipment. And a nod to the future of training and competition.




Playing with the Wx Connected Football is like playing Madden in your backyard. Real NFL plays, immersive game modes and the ability to track and beat your stats. Now, the stadium really can be anywhere, prompting an NFL Films-esque depiction of a young Russell Wilson fan and his friends play an epic backyard game.


To continue blurring the lines of the virtual and real worlds, we invited the real Russell Wilson to the shoot to teach his biggest fan some new skills.


This kicked off a series of social films, teaching our audience how to beat their stats.


And a series of social challenges from Russell, encouraging them to try and beat his.


We continued to blur the real and virtual stadiums through our entire campaign. From banners and print to a grueling demo tour.


Check out our case study film:

Posted by:Tim Bateman