Three years of my team’s work at Pheno is finally coming into fruition.



Formally Nationstar, the largest non-bank home lender in the US. Our task was to reimagine them from a customer-centric point of view, and by doing so, disrupt the entire home loan industry. 


But instead of simply redesigning the Nationstar brand, we promised something far more radical. A new brand altogether. A personification of the hero that consumers had been craving in the home loan industry—a true advocate and partner along the home ownership journey. 



The company would need to go through an sizable transformation, both inside and out, to hold up the values it aspired to.

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Mr Cooper is part hero. Part CEO. Part revolutionary. His mission is to completely demolish the old way people get home loans, and replace it with one built on humanity and transparency. He’s passionately against business as usual, the status quo and taking the easy way out. 


Millions of homebuyers have been longing for someone like this for far too long. Their wait is over. It’s so much more than just a name change. It’s about changing how the company works with their customers, making the best possible home loan experience and putting customers first with one single-minded goal: To keep the dream of home ownership alive.


We worked (and continue to work) with Nationstar on everything from their new product offering, the new name and brand identity, new website and other digital products, to the new company’s marketing.






The journey started internally at Nationstar to rally the real heroes behind the hero, and to ensure we were creating a authentic and realistic representation of what this brand really needed to be. 



We initiated a full Cooper-ization of their 7,000 employee office.



Including internal tools like an employee handbook and other collateral.



And partnered with them through the year-long transition and migration for their 3million+ customers, from the old brand to the new.

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Posted by:Tim Bateman